Rainbow Hedgehogs for Pride month

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Rainbow hedgehogs mama and baby

Anchorage Pride Festival is one of my favorite events. You feel a lot of love being there. However, It has been canceled since last summer. To honor pride month, I started making rainbow hedgehogs four years ago. I thought it was just for the pride month, but the rainbow hedgehogs became so popular that I sell them year-round.
At first, I had a couple of specific yarns for rainbows. However, it is hard to keep buying the same yarns because they get discontinued so often. So, I made them with whatever colorful yarn available at the time.
It was hard to list on Etsy because all the rainbow hedgehogs have different colors.
This year, I found the perfect yarn for rainbow hedgehogs. So, I have rainbow hedgehogs 2021 edition.

If you are interested, you can purchase them from here.
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