Hello! my name is Kayo Bogdan.

I was born and raised in Japan and currently lives in Anchorage, AK since 2008. As a daughter of a lifelong knitter, I learned very basic of how to knit and crochet when I was very young. I knitted here and there while growing up but totally forgot how to crochet for a long time. Shortly after moving to Anchorage, I taught myself how to crochet. Five years later, I started making mushrooms and other sculptures by crocheting. Why mushroom? I have got asked a lot.  Because I simply love them! So many different shapes and colors.  Some are medicinal, some are poisonous, some are edible, all make me happy.

My first local exhibit was a trunk show at the Blue Hollomon Gallery in November of 2014. I launched my  vendor adventure as Room with Shrooms in May of 2015 at my “HOME” market Spenard Farmers Market.

I hope to see you at my booth 🙂

For latest creation, follow Kayo on Instagram and Facebook @roomwithshrooms

Updated March 2019

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