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I create mushrooms and nature-themed objects with fiber. Most of my work is crocheted. I also felt and embroider. I have been familiar with yarns and threads since I was very little. Fibers are multifaceted materials. The feel, look and smell are enjoyable. I love to recreate the beauties I have found in the small things in my life with fibers, mostly natural ones like cotton and wool.

I was born and raised in Japan, where people appreciate teshigoto (handwork). Japanese people enjoy bringing a bit of nature close to them by growing bonsais, small moss balls, and by enjoying ikebana (flower arrangement) even though they live far from nature. We also have a long history of nature-themed designs.

I hope my crocheted and felted pieces will bring you closer to nature and you can enjoy how huggable they are.

All my patterns are original and not for sale.   Most of my creations are locally available.  I do not have online shops at this moment.  If you would like to purchase online, please send me private message.

Updated March 2019