Fox cubs

The first foxes were much more bigger than these little cubs.  It took so long to make and thus I could not make the price down.  So, I started making these little ones.  

This little fox cub are made with wool yarn, recycled polyester filling, and little buttons for eyes.  

I like making the tail and white hair on the chest a bit pointy. The color of the yarn I use for its body varies time to time, usually golden color or reddish brown. I like to sew the button eyes with blue or green thread. 

Black bear cubs

When I make bears, I try to look at pictures of real bears. Black bear cubs have pointy big ears. They look so curious. I wanted to capture that feature.

Currently I use blue shade of merino yarn for the body. Nose and paw pads are also made with wool yarn. These yarns happened to be in my stash so it will not be the same for the next cubs. Maybe real black, or totally different color, but the pattern would be the same.