2 making the first loop

There are two ways to begin crochet. Beginning with foundation chains or beginning with double loops for making circles.

You make the first loop for chain  with a slip knot.

You don’t have to use your hook to make a slip knot.

You can use your fingers as long as you make a slip knot as I do!




毛糸の端っこを3-4cm程度残して輪を作ります。作った輪の中にこれから編んでいく方の毛糸を通しておさえておきます。毛糸の端っこを引っ張ると鎖編みの編み始めの輪ができました。引き結びという名前だそうです。英語だとslip knotと言います。


1 hook and yarn

All you need to start crochet are a hook and yarn.

I recommend to start with acrylic yarn because it is easy to handle. I love cotton yarn, but it has more friction when you crochet.

Avoid mohair. I love mohair, but it is superhard to undo.

If you are a very beginner, and buying a hook and a skein of yarn, try to follow the label of the yarn for the size of hook you need.

If you have some hooks and yarn already in your hand, use what you have. if your hook is too small for the yarn, you would have hard time hooking yarn without splitting it. If your hook is too big for the yarn, you can still crochet, but you might not like what you have crocheted.