Winter Maker Night revisited

Winter maker night at the Anchorage museum was on November 27, 2015. It’s been over two months since the event. When the museum invited me as the featured artist  last September, I thought it was too good to be true. I’ve just started showing people my creations. After meeting with the coordinator, I finally felt “wow, that was going to happen for real!!!” She said I could show whatever I wanted to show. So I got a chance to show my daydreams.  I created winter forest table and autumn forest table and bit of holiday decorations. I made a log cabin on the winter forest. I wanted the visitors to feel like they were invited to my log cabin with holiday decorated fireplace. It was so much fun all the way from the beginning to the end. Several of my friends came to support me. I felt a lot of love that night. Thank you all for coming to the event. Thank you all those who couldn’t make it to the event but supported me from where you were. Special thanks to my dear friend Naomi. She came to my house twice before the event to help me out for the display. She showed up earlier for setting up and stayed late to packing up, and took all the lovely photos for me. I cannot thank her enough. And another special thanks to my husband who has tolerated well with yarn all over house for his love and support.


New one piece acorns

Acorns are one of my favorites. A lot of childhood memories. I love trees here in Alaska, but I miss oak trees and acorns. So I started making acorns last year. The nut part is felted wool, and the cap is crocheted. I wanted to capture the texture of the cap, so I crocheted single stitches and use it inside out. The materials for the cap vary depending on what I have for that color. The first ones were cotton, the second ones were wool. I think the wool ones get stretched easily over the time you play with caps.

I’ve got a suggestion that it would be better if the cap is sewn to the nut  so it wouldn’t come apart. Now I am thinking to make two version of acorns. One piece acorns of which caps won’t come off and two pieces acorns you can play with caps. I will definitely use cotton for the cap, so the cap won’t stretch while playing.

One piece acorns are available at Dos Manos.

2015-06-05 13.43.41-2

Drawing class

I started taking a drawing class yesterday. I hadn’t drawn for a long time until yesterday. Maybe for 30 years??

I really enjoyed drawing everyday as a child. However, the art classes in my junior high school sucked. There was only one same art teacher in the school for three years. He gave us a list of things to bring to the class. If we forgot to bring more than three things, guess what?! corporal punishment in front of the class. I am not joking this was not big problem in 1980s  in Japan. So I did not enjoy the class. When I went to high school, art class was optional. You could choose among visual art, music, calligraphy, and wood craft (only for boys). I took music so I stopped drawing or painting for a long time.

Lately, I wanted to take art classes so I could nurture my inner artist. The Blue Hollomon Gallery offered a series of drawing class with Kay Marshall. So I joined yesterday.

The class was fun. Kay is so down to earth. She is also a knitter. We fiber sisters connect right away! (That’s what I feel when I talk to somebody who enjoys crochet or knitting. I don’t know how the other end feels 🙂

Today I bought drawing pencils. I will practice drawing after dinner. I hope I will be able to draw shrooms and my own creations nicely…

Happy belated or Chinese New Year!

I know it’s already February. After the last trunk show in 2015, I had a nice cozy Christmas with family and friends. And big new year’s celebration parties two days in a row! (We Japanese celebrate New Year more than Christmas.)

Then my husband and I took a long awaited vacation in Hawaii.  I wanted to hone my handwork skills during the vacation. I enjoyed knitting, crocheting, and embroidering! I made a pair of socks, two chemo caps, bunch of shrooms for pins, two kitties, just went crazy as usual 😉

Now I am back in Anchorage all refreshed! So this is my belated new year’s greetings. Our place in Hawaii is so  remote that internet does not work quite well. So I waited till today.

This year, I am planning so many things to happen besides having tables in various venues. I am still brainstorming. One thing for sure is that I am determined not to neglect this website. I’ll try my best to keep it up to date.

The photo here is the kitties I made in Hawaii.

I forgot to pack in my suitcase. They are sitting on top of the TV in the living room. I hope they scare mice away 🙂

IMG_0543 IMG_0547 IMG_0552