Meet Holgott the bird

I found very attractive birds in the painting my friends have in their living room.

2015-03-10 21.19.39

This is the picture of the painting. I guess this was originally painted by a German child. These birds have names, Holgott and Mosam. I am not familiar with German folktale, but they are from a folktale.

I really like them, so I decided to make them!

This is Holgott the bird I made.

2015-04-14 17.06.49 2015-04-19 19.03.15

You can meet him at blue.hollomon gallery in midtown Anchorage.

2015-07-12 13.26.46-2

I haven’t started Mosam the bird yet, but someday, I would love to make him, too!




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